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Coos Hamburger is an internationally acclaimed and award winning photojournalist based just outside Baltimore, Maryland (USA). His work has been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS  in the United States and in news and feature magazines throughout the world including the British Discovery Channel, GEO,  Canadian Broadcasting Channel and many other media outlets.   He has lectured both in the professional workshop and university settings.

Hamburger specializes in social reportage, documentary, and medical photo- and video-journalism with the hope that in reflections of society as seen through his lens, one can engender change. He crafts uniquely memorable images of the highest quality, produced in the most personable way and is available for select projects across the globe. Hamburger holds a degree from the Johns Hopkins University (USA), and completed further studies at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).


All images are copyrighted Coos Hamburger/FOCO. They may be purchased for private or commercial use. Unauthorized use is prohibited. For special pricing, comments or additional inquiries, please see the Contact page.

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